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Kenya > Activities > Bull Fighting Events in Kakamega

Bull Fighting Events In Kakamega

Bull Fighting Events in Kakamega
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Set near the beautiful kakamega Forest, the bull fighting events of Kakamega are a curious aspect of Luhya culture that happen several times a year, forming a crucial aspect of Luhya culture. Deep in the kakamega rain forest, the calls of primates are heard. Snakes slither by in sauntering slyness, while butterflies make their journeys beneath the forest roof in droves, forming beautiful clouds of multiple colors. Kakamega Forest is a pristine area of lush rain forest in Kenya, a remnant forest of the great forests of old in the Congo. Rare species of primates, including the red tailed monkey, butterflies and chameleons and bird life such as the Blue Turaco, snakes and reptiles make their homes beneath the verdant canopy of the rainforests. Nearby, the sounds of an excited crowd are heard: the bull fighting event of kakamega is about to begin.

The bull fighting events of kakamega happen in Sigalagala, which the local Luhya people call home. A roar of noise is heard from the gathering crowd of locals as they jeer and blow traditional horns. Two different villages are leading their bulls to an open field, with an Efi kuti bullfighting dance drums and singers egg the bulls on down a dusty road to the open field where they will meet in battle. The two bulls, each representing a village, are fed traditional beer before being pitted against each other to battle it out for the pride of the two opposing villages. The bulls are provoked by the crowd and lock horns in fierce battle to the cries and of the jeers of the Luhya, until one finally flees and the victorious village is brought together in a victory lap of heightened celebration. The owner

of the winning bull takes the prize money. Lasting anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, the bull fighting events in Kakamega occur several times a year and form a crucial aspect of the Luhya culture, reinforcing clan loyalty and communal pride. It is an age-old tradition. Bulls are a vital aspect of Luhya culture, and prize-fighters are highly respected in the village, pampered and showered with adoration and affection by the locals in preparation for the all-important show-down. The bullfights are followed by communal celebrations. This unusual activity is an extremely vibrant and interesting cultural spectacle that anyone will enjoy.

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